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Renting a car in the US can help you a lot in terms of the travel time and cost. A rental car eliminated the need for bus schedules and cab rides, and in actuality proves to be more economical than public transport & save a lot of time. It also gives you the power to create your own itinerary and schedule. With a rental vehicle you can choose to stay at accommodations located on the outskirts of big cities and save some money in the process.

Top rental car companies

We provide hire car service at all major US locations through top rental brands

  • Avis rent a car
  • Alamo rent a car
  • Thrifty
  • Dollar rent a car
  • Europcar
  • Hertz rent a car
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
  • National

Expansive network of rental locations in US

Rent a car in USA and drive around the beautiful country the way you want to. We have car hire deals for all possible areas in America! Our suppliers have a great many rental booths in North, South and Central America, at a number of locations like airports, downtowns and other places like Hotels, train stations and popular destinations. We also have deals for specific locations like like Disney Orlando, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Route 66. Los Angeles Airport, SFO Airport, Miami Airport and JFK Airport are a few major airports we cover as rental pickup points. In case of downtowns, LA downtown, and Vegas downtown etc are noteworthy.

List of our major rental points in USA:

Big fleet of rental cars

A variety of people visit USA all year round and according to their needs they look out for different types of car classes. Families visiting for fun usually rent vans or minivans for their trips to Disney and other American Amusement Parks like Cedar Point. They are also used by business people looking for big enough rental cars so that they can travel conveniently with a big group of colleagues. With both family and business travel groups, 12 and 15 passenger vans and minivans are really popular. Though vans are also great for trips to National Parks and long drivers through the US, SUVs are also used by travelers planning to enjoy activities like fishing, kayaking and snorkeling on the way. SUV are better especially when it comes to room for equipment.

We also have deals in case you want to rent economy, sedans, compacts or a mini car category. Luxury and convertible rental vehicles are also quite popular.

Car rental deals in USA

We have a partner list of big rental car brands working for us; they have car hire solutions for all occasions

  • Vacation rental car:

    Whether visiting in summer, winter or spring, the influx of people visiting US keeps on varying but the bulk of travelers visit mostly in winter and summer.

    Major inflow of tourists is in summer when it is winter in countries like NZ and Australia. In winter season, people usually visit during Christmas, Easter and New Year. Majority of the crowd in this case are the people from the US who work in other countries visiting their loved ones.

  • Long term rental deals

    Many people visit the US for long vacations or long business trips, as majority of them don't want to buy or lease cars. They rent long term car deals as in that case unlike car leasing they don't have to make a down payment. Besides rentals on month to month basis, our deals also cover weekly and short term rentals (like weekend car hires).

  • One way car hire Many people visit Canada and Mexico while visiting the US. This is the reason that car hire brands make sure that they have a good number of one way and cross border rental deals at all times.

  • Last minute car rental Though renting a car in advance is always a good idea, but if you don’t have a choice, you can always count on our last minute rental deals.

Frequently Asked Questions - USA Car Rentals

Q: How old to rent a car in USA?

Car hire agencies allow 21+ year old drivers to rent cars in the US, and charge extra fee from the ones who are under 25. The minimum age is 18 for states like Michigan and New York with brands like Sixt rent a car and Enterprise.

The minimum age can be different for different car hire brands and also tends to change as per the category of car the person wants to rent.

Can I rent a car in the USA without a credit card?

A credit card is mandatory condition with all the big car rental brands. It must be in the name of the main driver. Some rental agencies like Alamo allow deposits through debit card, but it is allowed only at selective locations.

I am under 25 can I still rent a car?

Yes, you can rent a car even if you are less than 25 years old. Rental companies allow under 25 drivers to make bookings but there might be a few restrictions on the available car types, for instance, under-25 renters are usually not allowed to rent vans and luxury vehicles. Provide your correct age when booking online; if found underage for the booked rental vehicle, the supplier might not allow you to pick the car.

What type of drivers license do I need to rent a car in the US?

To rent and drive a rental car in the US, all you need is a valid and full driver's license irrespective of the issuing country. Whether you have US, UK, Australian, Canadian or Chinese license, all are accepted provided it is not temporary or suspended. In case the license is not in English, an international driver's permit might be necessary if it is listed on the rental voucher presented by the supplier.

How much to rent a car in the US?

The cost of the rental car deal depends on factors like your age, the car class you are renting, whether renting in advance, or at short notice, and the duration for which you are making the booking. If you are over 25 years of age, your rental will cost less than the person who is under 25 and renting the same car for the same duration of time. The daily cost of the rental deal also tends to increase for the multi-passenger vehicles (like vans, minivans) and luxury vehicles (like BMW & Audi). If you rent a car for a longer duration of time, rental rates tend to decrease, but if you are renting a car at the last moment, the prices would most probably be higher.

What happens if I return the rental car late?

If there is a delay in the flight, the rental agencies reschedule the drop-off process, so always provide the flight details at the time of booking. If you haven’t provided the flight info, make sure that you call the supplier (in other cases too if you are picking car from non-airport locations). If you fail to inform the supplier, they will wait for a standard time period an hour or 30 minutes, depending on the rental company’s policy. After that, it is treated as a no show.

Should I return the rental car with a full or empty tank?

Though most of the car rental deals come with full to full fuel policy, which means that you must return the rental with a full fuel tank, still check the rental document to check what fuel policy is being followed. If it says that it is an empty tank, you will be supposed to return the car with an empty tank and no money is refunded for the unused fuel.

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One-Way Car Hire Facility

With us, you can pick your USA Car rental anywhere in the country and drop it off at any of the locations that are listed with us. One way option can be availed by paying a small fee, which is billed as the part of the payment that you will make at the time of the booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The principal lessor of the vehicle must have a minimum of 25 years of age, or for certain corporate contracts and international accounts, the minimum age is 21. There may sometimes be an additional charge for drivers under the age of 25, having At least 21 years of age.

  • In the United States the only driver's license required to rent a car is the National Driver's License of the country of residence along with the passport. In many European countries you will also need to present an International Driver's License other than your National License to rent a car.

  • The form of payment must be made at the destination when signing the contract and receive the rented vehicle, with international credit card in the name of the customer. This will be requested at the time of picking up the vehicle, not to make the reservation. We do not offer prepayment option. It is also allowed to use the card as a form of guarantee when receiving the vehicle so that payment in cash is made at the time of return of the vehicle.

  • In the United States the only document that belongs to the rental vehicle that you will receive from the rental company is the rental agreement. The rent contract is the only document necessary to present to the authorities.

  • Yes, in the United States it is allowed to rent a car in one city and return in another. There will be no return fee for vehicles rented and returned in the state of Florida and / or California or Nevada, however, in some states there may be a return fee. The amount will vary depending on the cities and the distance between them.

  • In most airports, the rental companies are located inside the airport (example: Orlando), and so it is possible to arrive at the office walking after arriving by flight to the airport. However, at many airports (eg Miami) car rental companies are located outside the airport. In these cases to pick up your reserved car take the courtesy bus from the rental company in designated areas outside the baggage claim area. In these cases, all cars are collected and returned at the rental office, so that the bus service is necessary 24 hours a day. If your rental car was booked for a location in another area of the city, Then you should go directly to the office at the address indicated to pick up your vehicle. No vehicle will be delivered to the hotel or any other address.