Car Rental at Fairbanks International Airport

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Guide to Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) is three miles southwest of central Fairbanks. The airport serves as the refueling stop for many cargo airlines. A few passenger airlines serve at Fairbanks International Airport. Only two airlines Ravan Alaska and Alaska Airlines serve this airport year-round. During summer Delta Air Lines and United Airlines serves FAI. The airport offers non-stop service to Europe. Fairbanks International Airport is a commercial hub and main provider of goods and services to Northern Alaska.

Fairbanks International Airport terminal is ranked one of the nine world's most beautiful terminals. The terminal building is situated on southwest side of the airport. The building has seven gates. Two gates are for commuter carriers and five for larger carriers.

Facilities and services at the airport include ATMs & Cash machines, Massage chairs, a military lounge, food & drink, gate lounge, car rental counters, free WIFI and international passenger screening. There is no food counter at the airport which is open 24 hour but one can find vending machines.

About Fairbanks

Fairbanks is a beautiful city with spectacular sceneries. It is the gateway to the Arctic Circle and Denali National Park. The city is rich in gold mining history and its native traditions. It is also known for northern lights, dog mushing and its extremes of warmth, cold, light and dark. There is so much to see in Fairbanks. Travelers can enjoy the scenic beauty, the rich traditions, snow clad mountain and much more at their own expense by renting a car. A car rental will help travelers to visit these places at their own convenience. One can stop anywhere to enjoy the nature's beauty. Renting a car is very easy and affordable. USA Cars Rentals provide car rental at Fairbanks International Airport. We are less expensive as compared to other rental companies.

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