Guide to Los Angeles International Airport

LAX or Los Angeles International Airport is one of the top five airports of USA and it is the main airport of Greater Los Angeles Area. LAX is the fourth busiest passenger airport and the third busiest airport in the world by aircraft movement. It is the single airport that servers as a hub for U.S. legacy airlines namely American, Delta and United.

LAX has nine terminals

These terminals are arranged in the shape of the letter U. A variety of services is being provided at the airport. Those having a long layover can visit Flight Path Museum which is situated alongside the air terminal. The museum has a variety of exhibits, models and artifacts which depicts the history of Southern California aviation. You can also visit the Theme Building and Observation Deck which is designed like a landing spaceship. The building has airport observation deck and a restaurant. At each terminal there are a variety of restaurant's offering ethnic and fast food. Shopping lovers can grab a few items from the shops present at the terminals.

Top Places to Visit near Los Angeles International Airport

Around LAX airport there are many places to visit. Some of them are


Venice Boardwalk is the main attraction among the tourists. Popular for people watching, tarot card readers, portrait artists, palm readers etc.


Those who like to collect a unique piece; visiting Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a must for them. Here, you can find creations of local designers and artists presenting their modern designs mixed with ethnic designs. It is famous for top- notch shops of Jewelry, furniture and clothing.


It is USA's largest man made small-boat harbors. Travelers can come here and relax after long flight and stroll around the marina admiring the boats.


Having a long layover? Just rent a car from USA Cars Rentals and enjoy the scenic beauty of Kenneth Hahn State Recreation area which is less than 10 miles from LAX airport. Grab your lunch and enjoy a picnic, hiking or beautiful ponds filled with lotus flowers.


Manhattan Beach Pier is 10 mins ride from LAX airport. The pier gives a breathtaking view of the ocean. Travelers can walk along the pier or you can rent a cruiser bike also.

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